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In 2013 Ravensthorpe Historical Society was finally able to construct a domed shelter to house much of its bulkier mining and farming machinery collection. The shelter lies opposite the museum and items can be viewed at all times. RHS is immensely grateful to the Ravensthorpe Shire who financed the building through the Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun Future Fund.

Other, smaller, machinery items are housed in varous locations such as the ZA Brake Van and the Old Jail.

Grain Equipment

The mainstay of the early Ravensthorpe grain receival point, and indeed of all country receival points, was the grain elevator, operated by Cooperative Bulk Handling (CBH). This particular unit was in Ravensthorpe until the 1980s. It was driven by a single cylinder, water cooled diesel motor. The simplicity, portability and extreme reliability made it a valuable piece of equipment.

Other pieces of mahinery used locally are the grain winnower and the stripper.

Buffalo Pitts Steam Traction Engine

Brought in 1907 to Ravensthorpe by pioneer farm brothers R&L Stevenson, the engine is thought to have been imported from New York, USA. Its history makes fascinating reading! The engine was never a great success, easily becoming bogged in the loamy red soils in winter and achieving the same result in the sandy soils of Hopetoun all year round.


The British Chevrolet Truck (General Motors Holden Ltd) has an interesting history. It was first owned by Bill Everett who used it for the transport of salmon from the 12 Mile Beach to the Hopetoun cannery of the Fisheries Cooperative Co Ltd (1949-1951). The truck then stood idle at Hopetoun in the care of Mr. Bill Fulton until Mr. Jim McCulloch purchased it to use on his Ravensthorpe farm. In 1987 Mr McCulloch retired to Hopetoun and donated the truck to the Ravensthorpe Museum. Very few trucks of this model were imported into Western Australia.

In the back of the truck a World War II gas producer can also be seen.

Other Items of Interest

Ritter Dentist chair

Manufactured in 1928, its history too has a local content

Wool press

The wool press was used by the Dunn Brothers at Cocanarup.

Printing Press

During 1904 to 1911 the Phillips River Times was printed in Ravensthorpe, using the printing press displayed in the Old Jail.

Inside the Museum

The displays are numerous and varied. Of particular interest are the photographs as Ravensthorpe was lucky enough to have its resident photographers, Mr. Elston.

Also worth seeing are the old shoe collection, and the gold and hospital displays.