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About the Meridian

Why is Ravensthorpe 16.6 minutes in front of Perth in real terms?

There is a rest area just west of Ravensthorpe which marks 120 deg of longitude. At this point the time is the correct Western Australian standard time.

The Meridian of 120 deg East longitude runs 4km west of Ravensthorpe, 33km east of Yellowdine and some 26km east of Marble Bar in the north. It is the baseline for Western Australian time. Along this line local south-north line, noon is when the sun is at its highest. It occurs exactly 8 hours before local noon at Greenwich, England.

This explains why local noon at 120o East, that is near Ravensthorpe, occurs 16.6 minutes before local noon at Perth.

The spot is sign posted in the rest area the locals call.... The Meridian by a granite boulder bearing a refurbished information plaque installed by the Esperance Lions in 2017. It is a popular day time rest area, no overnight camping is allowed.

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