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Railway History

The History of the Hopetoun Ravensthorpe Railway by Ann Williams

RRP $6

Although not long lived, the railway link between Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe provided a vital service, linking inland to port. Its history makes fascinating reading.

Blow Whistle in an Emergency

Blow Whistle in Case of Emergency: Stories of the Ravensthorpe Hospital, 1901-2003

RRP $10

The hospital was a most important part of the isolated district’s development. The hospital support, even from a tent in the early years, was deeply appreciated. The nurses also provided a welcome pool of ‘fresh blood’ and many became farmers’ wives. The blurb on the back of the book describes the stories as being stories of hardship, humour and immense courage”.

Where the Boodie Rats used to dig

Where the Boodie Rats Used to Dig: the story of Jerdacuttup 1962-2007 by Ann Williams

RRP $15

Mrs Williams was one of the original residents of Jerdacuttup, a former ‘new land’ community 50 km east of Ravensthorpe. The book consists of a collection of stories each pertaining to one of the blocks of land which were developed into farms. The Jerdacuttup Community, like so many other small communities, developed its own character and was widely known for the quality of its entertainments!

The Chambers Story

“Pioneering at Ravensthorpe”: The Chambers Story 1900 to 1993

RRP $20

The book’s blurb says that “Win Chambers (nee Price) compiled the book in 1993 from records and memories of the early settlers in the Ravensthorpe District of Western Australia, their ancestors and their descendants”. It offers very good descriptions of what farming was like in those days.

When the Dingoes Howled

And the Dingoes Howled: stories from the bush, gathered by Southern Scribes

RRP $25

The Southern Scribes are a bunch of passionate women who like to write. The Dingoes book is one of their first publication and features recollections of personalities within the Ravensthorpe district, either as personal recollections written themselves or as told to a member of Southern Scribes.

50 Years of Farming

50 Years of Farming: West River–Fitzgerald 1960-2010

RRP $35

From Jan Kuiper’s foreword:
The book is a compilation of records, stories, photos and recollections from the first residents of what became known as the Fitzgerald township, some 75 km west of Ravensthorpe. It depicts the development of the district as a prosperous farming area and a tight knit community.