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About the HawksNest Heritage Walk Trail

This project has been on RHS’ books for some time. It concerns a small walk trail, just north of Ravensthorpe, in the shadow of Galaxy mining activities.

Hawks Nest was the name given to a mining camp where people lived in tents. Eventually, the town of Ravensthorpe was gazetted, further up on the hill, close to Hawks Nest. Some European artefacts recovered from the camp are now on display at the museum/visitor centre. The Hawks Nest site was also used by Noongar people before colonisation.

The development of the trail is onerous. Approvals have to be sought, Native Title claims resolved, funding sourced and continued collaboration with Galaxy Lithium established. Weeds and dieback management also have to be addressed. RHS is beavering away, but the planned trail is still in an embryonic state. A strategy for ongoing maintenance and a volunteer roster to do the work is also required.

The site can presently be accessed via Floater Rd; there is a caravan turn-around, and walking amongst the towering Salmon gums is always restful. However, stay tuned for further developments and eventually, a state-of-the-art heritage trail!

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